Neighborhoods change, our mission hasn’t

At Paster, we’ve owned and developed properties in the Twin Cities for more than 70 years. Our experience and connection to the community has given us insight into what consumers and neighborhoods need and want.

We breathe life into neighborhoods. We engage community and project stakeholders to help individuals and communities achieve belonging, meaning and importance.


A small and nimble group with a track record of success

We’re a Twin Cities based developer and operator working to transform unique and under-appreciated places into valuable community destinations. Our projects live at the intersection of retail, housing and community connections.

We emphasize collaborative planning, long-term ownership and a willingness to invest in the neighborhoods we help transform.

Howard Paster Named to TCB 100: The People to Know in 2022

President & Owner Howard Paster is recognized among the Twin Cities' top 100 newsmakers, trailblazers, and innovators of 2022.

Development & Placemaking Trends in 2021 & Beyond

As 2021 comes to a close, we're reflecting upon the past year and looking forward to the future of commercial real estate and placemaking. Let's take a look at six trends impacting development into 2021 and beyond.

Finding the Right Location for Your New Business

For a first-time business owner, establishing a space for your business is a monumental undertaking. Finding the right location and property partner during this process can set you up for success.

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