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Texa Tonka

Rediscovering life in a historic structure

Restoring one of the first grocery centers in the Twin Cities

It was innovative as a neighborhood shopping center in its time, and operated successfully for decades. Ultimately it suffered the fate of many neighborhood centers due to increased competition.

50,000 SF RETAIL
RENOVATED IN 2019-2020

Bringing back a hidden gem

As we learned more about the building, we discovered amazing mid-century modern architectural elements that had been hidden for decades.

Our team of creative architects and engineers helped design a renovated retail center that harkens back to the 1950’s with a modern twist. This redevelopment will return Texa Tonka to a community gathering spot where residents can gather for events, connect with neighbors and fulfill their daily needs and desires.

An outdoor public patio area for community events and restaurant/coffee patrons was created by removing the middle 4,000 square feet of the existing shopping center.

Green space, natural vegetation and hardscape elements will be introduced throughout Texa Tonka, creating a more comfortable environment that welcomes pedestrians, bikes and families.

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