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Shops/Residences at 1700

Transformed with life and vitality

15,000 square feet of first floor retail space and 115 units of luxury residential apartments.

In 2014, Paster Properties purchased an existing three story office building with Highland Bank as the first floor tenant.

Apartment Leasing Information
Retail Leasing Information

154,400 SF

Our design intentionally aligned with The City of Minnetonka 20-year Small Area Plan and Vision around Ridgedale to create a more accessible, pedestrian friendly area with a mix of residential, retail and office uses. The shops and residences at 1700 was the first tear down of an existing building in the Ridgedale area.

This was to accommodate residents looking for luxury apartment options in the immediate area.

Given the strong retail demand and proximity to Ridgedale Mall, which recently had announced a new Nordstrom’s department store, our team wanted to fulfill both the community’s desire for new retail and luxury apartment living options.

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