Creating a “New Downtown” for Mendota Heights

August 8, 2022
Even something as ordinary as a shopping center can become an important part of the community’s identity.

For 52 years, Mendota Plaza has been a cornerstone of Mendota Heights, serving the surrounding neighborhoods with shops and storefronts. More than a decade ago, Paster Properties re-evaluated and improved Mendota Plaza… and today, we think there’s yet another opportunity to improve Mendota Plaza to reflect the community’s wants and needs.

As Mendota Heights grows, we’re eyeing additional redevelopment of this historic community hub, hoping to make it more elegant and useful for the tens of thousands of people who rely on it every day.

Have an opinion? Take our online survey and let us know how we can make Mendota Plaza better for you!

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What’s New at Mendota Plaza?

As a local, family-owned company, we’ve seen three generations of change in the Twin Cities metro area. Mendota Heights has been a part of that change, drawing newcomers, entrepreneurs, and multifamily development.

Community centers like Mendota Plaza are all about creating connections. They’re focal points and gathering places. They come to define communities through the ways we come together, and Paster Properties is always looking for ways to help people and neighbors come together better.

For Mendota Plaza to best serve community needs, we want to create greater connectivity between the existing retail space, the existing and future multifamily projects, and the adjacent natural landscape, bike trails, and walking paths.

We believe these changes will make Mendota Plaza more walkable and enable community members to engage with one another authentically in an urban, mixed-use environment.

Why Redevelop Mendota Plaza Now?

As Mendota Heights and its neighborhoods continue to experience reinvestment and redevelopment, it’s important to get ahead of the game, identifying and helping to meet the community’s future needs.

By cultivating a walkable and charming place for the community to congregate, both new transplants and long-time residents and visitors from other communities will benefit from the chance to experience fun family events, live music, and child-focused activities, plus exciting new shops and restaurants to patronize and support the community’s growth.

The lack of available single-family homes for purchase, coupled with the popularity of Mendota Heights, means that new multifamily projects are inevitable. Because of the unique nature of this redevelopment, the opportunity exists to create an integrated space where the community can unite and grow together.

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Our Vision for the Future of Mendota Plaza

Ultimately, we want to support the local community—its residents, its entrepreneurs, and its future. We aim to foster beautiful and functional spaces at Mendota Plaza.

With the community’s support, we think Mendota Plaza could easily become a “new downtown” for Mendota Heights, one that is equally well-loved and well-used.

“We believe we can make the world a better place,” explains Howard Paster, President of Paster Properties. “By creating neighborhoods and environments where people can congregate, meet their neighbors, and combat the isolation that has occurred in our communities since COVID-19.”

In order for these efforts to be truly successful, the community needs to be active in the development process… without engagement, how can the community get the best possible project and maintain an active role in steering its future?

Make Your Voice Matter

Paster Properties is working hard to ensure that members of the Mendota Heights community have every opportunity to connect with us and make their voices heard.

To that end, we hosted several Open House events at Mendota Plaza, where residents shared their thoughts about what the community is missing, their worries regarding the redevelopment process, and their hopes for how Mendota Heights can become a better place to live.

If you take a few minutes to complete our online survey, you can still contribute to the process!

We hope to hear from you. Together, we can make this historic community hub the best it’s ever been.


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